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ratings 7,2 of 10

Duration 94 M

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Do trust negative review must be karan johar paid people giving negative reviews movie is gem just like tumbbad. dont watch for jump scares movie is more than that.
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Story was pretty straight forward half of the story you can predict from the trailer but the execution of the story was good.
Even tho at few places cgi was not that good but the cinematography counteracts that!
Acting was pretty good.
There are plotholes in the story but I can say they can be easily overlooked.
Era was perfect, the thinking of people at that time. And the poetry was perfect.
Few people might say it ill portrays man but you have to see that the doctor tried to help her or the satya didn’t want to hurt her intentionally. (Never blame the whole gender because of an individual case. Keep that in mind when you’re watching this movie)
And neither does it ill portrays goddess.

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I rarely watch Horror Movies and Bulbbul trailer was promising of something different and unique but NO i was wrong, trailer was good only. Literally i was expecting something better somewhere it was too but if I’ll talk about the whole story and the concept it fails to Deliver the entertainment part. The Visualization and sound effects are good i loved that but overall i didn’t like the whole movie.
People want thrill, suspense and Horror part especially when you put your work in the genre of HORROR Right!
I watched it because I saw one line in a trailer that makers of NH10 and Pari So my Expectations was HIGH(before watching it Bulbbul)
So let’s talk about it in short
Actors worked hard
Visualization and Music/Sound Effect part is good.
It was not gripping.
I liked the Concept and Storyline but what matters is, it’s presentation.
Somewhere it was good too but not completely.

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